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Franchised from UK with integrated manufacturing and R&D facilities spread over The North America, The Indian Sub Continent and in the United Arab Emirates, Backerson Electrical Appliances Ltd. with our product made with the components sourced from the major world renowned manufacturers from Great Britain, Germany and North American Countries saw the first crack of the dawn in the later half of the gone century. The nostalgic past of a project in it's infancy, the teething trouble, the challenges and at last the endurance to develop products with high quality and a delighting value for our customer’s money, are all reminiscent of the tireless efforts and the struggle it left behind during the long march towards accomplishing perfection per fraction.

Backerson, a Brand which has become a synonym for trust and reliability, with it’s premium products has crossed the barriers of nations, sub- continents & continents leaving a fairy tale of an organization’s commitment towards it’s customers. With our team comprising of highly qualified professionals supported by state of the art manufacturing facilities ,our products are in line with international quality & safety standards. Not confined to the ground gained by the initial products, Backerson continued exploring new vistas and have added successors to it's clan. The metamorphosis is still not complete and, as always, is in the process of expansion to cater our customers beyond their expectations and imagination.

Over the years since inception, Backerson could rephrase own testimony and rained Microprocessor Technology to necklace Backerson products. A user friendly makeover to electronics, embedded with impregnable self protective technology.

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